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Route 531 Extension Study and Terminus Improvements

Finding the right project for the job

Monroe County, New York

West of Rochester, the Route 531 Expressway runs from the Gates suburb to Route 36, just past the town of Spencerport—a few miles short of the town of Brockton. The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) wanted to extend the expressway to reduce traffic congestion, increase safety, and connect Brockton to the high speed roadway network.

They called for a study to figure out how feasible that job would be. We completed an economic analysis, cost estimate, and wetland assessment. Based on travel time, benefits, and economic growth compared to costs, it turned out that the extension was not in fact the best option. So we worked with NYSDOT to find some alternatives.

The answer was improving the Route 531 terminus at Route 36. During preliminary engineering, we addressed high accident rates and capacity deficiencies in the area. Although there wasn’t a new expressway to Brockton, the transition from Route 531 to the existing road was safer, and the solution used time and money in the best ways possible.  

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