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Route 82 Streetscape and Intersection Improvements

A new road, a new outlook

Union Township, New Jersey

Some might say that suburban sprawl is the result of people growing out of the neighborhoods that already exist. Maybe they want something newer and fresher for a startup business. A newer area may seem like the best option sometimes. But it’s not the only option. The New Jersey Department of Transportation selected a corridor of Route 82 in Union Township as a prototype for urban revitalization.

The goal was to enhance roadway operations and aesthetics while supporting economic redevelopment along Union Township’s main street. In one section, bordered by businesses, restaurants, apartments, and driveways, we used creative approaches to preserve the area’s character while introducing upgrades. We designed a slightly raised cobblestone median which discourages speeding, allows emergency vehicles access, and provides an attractive brick accent.

With stakeholder input, we met the needs and addressed the issues of this now revitalized neighborhood. Economic growth and community appeal set Route 82 up as a great example of how an older road can stay relevant and vibrant.   

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