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RX/RW 10mi 69/230kV Transmission Line Rebuild

Transmission line rebuild powered up by design challenges

Orlando, Florida

With increased electrical demand in the metro Orlando area, our client was looking for ways to improve system reliability and improve supply. The solution? Rebuilding an existing 69kV and 230kV line and including considerations for a future 230kV circuit. However, the line travels through an abandoned munitions range from the 50s, and the improvements would run across a new high-speed rail system—a few challenges that took some extra creativity.

The first segment included the design of three circuits around two existing circuits. The lines needed to consider restrictive outage constraints, imbalance configurations, and horizontal wire movement, as well as many other challenging factors. On the second segment, we worked around the munitions range mitigation as well as a foreign utility six-circuit undercrossing.

When we moved to the second segment—which includes the parallel and crossing work for the high-speed rail system—our team suggested additional electrical studies that would line up the best way forward for both projects. With these additional studies completed, both project teams were better able to make educated decisions about their designs.

Once this work is complete, the people of metro Orlando will benefit from a more resilient electrical system. 

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