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Safari Green School House

Connecting kids to nature

Phoenix, Arizona

A strategic partnership between Brighten A Life, a nonprofit organization, and CAUSE AND EFFECT Worldwide with the vision of a series of environmentally-sustainable schoolhouses built by volunteers and donors. Stantec joined the team in 2009 when our Phoenix, AZ and Butler, PA offices agreed to donate planning and site design services for the first school house.

Roadrunner School, a factory style facility with no windows, was chosen as the site after the kids made an inspiring presentation. They wanted windows and things that are good for the environment. We listened. Kids in K-5 can take an “educational safari” from the old building to the new to experience nature first hand.

A multi-purpose room, science lab and fitness center encourage collaborative learning. Natural light filters through large windows throughout the building. An edible garden gives kids a chance to grow and eat their own food. Another garden, a chance to plant and care for native species. All rainwater is captured and retained for watering trees with edible fruit. Solar panels generate energy. Dual roof design and chilled beams aid in comfortable, energy reducing and cost-effective cooling and heating.

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