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Sawdey Way

Green street number one

Rochester, New York

We’re always looking for new ways to improve our cities. As we fill the green gaps in with more and more pavement, we’re gradually transforming our world. Nowadays, we’re pretty cognizant of the impact that has on the environment, and places like the Edgerton neighborhood in Northwest Rochester are figuring out new and improved ways of making our mark.

Two parallel streets in the neighborhood created a problem. They were long and unconnected, and that made it difficult for emergency services to respond quickly. The solution was to connect the two, about halfway down, through some city-owned parcels of land.

But the City took the opportunity to do more than just make another street. They made a green street.

The new connector we designed, Sawdey Way, used permeable asphalt and permeable concrete to reduce stormwater runoff (helping out the already overtaxed combined sewer). We suggested adding a sidewalk to only one side of the street, narrowing the driving lanes, and putting a community garden in—all features that reduced the footprint of the project.

Sawdey Way will be closely monitored in the years to come, and this new solution may end up being the foundation, the pilot project, for more green streets in Rochester and beyond. 

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