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Schaefferstown Improvement Project

Designing around a labyrinth of obstacles

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Always up for a challenge, our transportation team received several of them when they designed a one-mile bypass through a beautiful, pastoral setting in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. Nearly every property located along the proposed roadway alignment was actively farmed, and there were also several historically significant properties. Wetlands were abundant in the low-lying areas containing characteristics that potentially supported bog turtles, a protected, endangered species. Designing around this labyrinth of sorts, our team worked around all the obstacles to prepare an environmental assessment that achieved a finding of no significant impact.

The design phase also had its own complexities.  Our storm water management plan was designed to evolving standards and our water permits required creativity to overcome the obstacles presented by the protected watershed area.  We even designed a culvert for cattle to pass under the roadway and maintain the connection of pastureland.  The result of all this attention to detail was a new roadway that created no significant impacts and also incorporated aesthetic treatments that allowed the roadway to blend into its surroundings.

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