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Sewer System Improvements – Mill Creek Replacement Sewer

Maximizing flow capacity while minimizing impacts to the environment

Nolensville, Tennessee

To meet the demands of a growing population, we designed a larger sewer in Nolensville to accommodate current and future flow conditions with minimal impacts to an endangered species.

Our engineers designed new 36- and 48-inch sewer lines using the natural sloping of the land along Mill Creek to maximize flow conditions for the ever-expanding city. Our efforts included carefully designing the pipe at six stream crossings to minimize impacts to the Nashville Crayfish and by relocating them to other areas along the stream during construction. We accomplished this by sending a federally-licensed biologist to sweep, capture and relocate the endangered Nashville Crayfish 24 hours prior to construction. To further restore and protect the crayfish’s habitat, we recreated their natural habitat by placing limestone slabs, stone and planting trees in the stream beds after the pipe was installed.

The result: we doubled sewer capacity while protecting the life and environment habitat of a signature crayfish.    

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