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Sheraton New York Hotel HVAC Renovations

Improving heating and cooling capacity while reducing th carbon footprint

Manhattan, New York

Built in 1963, the hotel was starting to experience high energy costs from an outdated system and temperature control was becoming the number one guest compliant.  Our engineers provided a unique solution that separated the building into a two-zone system.  We provided low zone and high zone chilled water and heating water circulating loops. With the introduction of the new system, the building can supply heating and cooling simultaneously. In the winter and shoulder seasons, cooling can now be provided through a free-cooling plate/frame heat exchanger system that transfers heat between the chilled water and cooling tower water without operating the building chillers, saving considerable electrical energy.

Once the vertical infrastructure was in place, subsequent phases connected horizontal extensions to the risers and the high efficiency system was set up with individual controls in the guestrooms.

The hotel, once an uncomfortable energy hog that logged 200 guest comfort complaints per day, has become a model for energy efficiency and guest satisfaction making it a proud and responsible corporate citizen, an upgraded place to stay, and a better place to work.

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