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South Ferry Tunnel & Terminal

Designed in one of the most densely populated underground sites in half the time

New York, New York

Dealing with this dense underground site, required the team to come up with creative design solutions to fit the tunnel and station into the site so as to enhance operations to improve overall passenger transit capacity. In response, we designed an underground, reinforced concrete structural box to house the new 900-foot approach tunnel, and the 600-foot long station with train platforms. To limit the extensive excavation that was required, the new box was positioned beneath an existing subway tunnel so that existing floor could be integrated with the roof of the new structure. This saved crucial space that would have been required for the roof of the new structural tunnel box which saved money on rock excavation and construction schedule duration

The new tunnel/station box also allowed for the alignment of the track in the new station to be straightened out, (a significant improvement over the loop track with a curved movable platform in the old station), which allows for more space for trains and people. It also allows the train speed to improve increasing capacity within the system. 

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