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SR 10 Resurfacing, Rehabilitation, and Restoration

A road rehabilitation focused on pedestrians

Tallahassee, Florida

Tennessee Street, or State Road 10, is a six lane divided urban arterial roadway. It runs through the heart of downtown Tallahassee and along the north side of Florida State University’s (FSU) campus. Tennessee Street has been a concern and focus of the Tallahassee community for many years, due to nearly 100 crashes involving walkers in the past decade. With plans for resurfacing the roadway, the Florida Department of Transportation took the opportunity to include pedestrian safety upgrades in the project’s scope.

Working closely with our client and key stakeholders, Stantec designed pedestrian safety enhancements focused on improving driver awareness, lowering vehicle speeds, reducing conflicts, and directing people to controlled midblock crossing locations. We helped our client allay community concerns by designing improvements with aesthetics and tree preservation in mind.

The pedestrian safety enhancements incorporated into the roadway design included two midblock crossings, raised median refuge islands, median barriers, speed feedback signs, intersection signage, and improved access between Tennessee Street and FSU. The end result will be a safer commute for walkers in the state’s capital and FSU’s 50,000 students and faculty. 

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