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SR 91 Express Lanes Traffic and Revenue Study

Keeping you moving forward by regulating traffic through tolling

Orange County, California

The Orange County Transportation Authority asked us to prepare a traffic and revenue study to determine community reception of potential toll increases or varying tolls based on congestion levels. Our team provided the future network analyses by updating the regional traffic model to incorporate proposed area improvements.

We performed numerous analyses to determine the impacts of toll schedules, including maximization of revenue, HOV‑3+ free, and overnight tolling. Ultimately, a demand-based toll policy was set that allowed tolls to be automatically adjusted based on the existing hourly demand on the Express Lanes, assuring maintenance of free-flow conditions.

Since the study, we’ve remained as the on-call traffic and revenue consultant. We produce various updates in response to changes in infrastructure improvement plans, including the addition of competing free general purpose lane capacity, tolled direct-connector ramps, and an extension of the existing facility. Studies have also focused on how employment, gas price, and toll changes in recent years have affected demand for the Express Lanes. These updates have been used as the basis for bond refinancings and new debt issuance. 

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