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Stamford Master Plan

Forward planning

Stamford, Connecticut

A city’s master plan covers a range of issues, from land use and economic development to housing and transportation. But with today’s added challenges of climate change—especially for a coastal city like Stamford, Connecticut—incorporating sustainability and resiliency into that plan is essential.

We prepared an entire chapter in Stamford’s master plan on planning for a resilient future, including focusing on open and waterfront spaces, context-sensitive transportation development, environmental protection, energy, and other improvements.

The chapter provides guidance on sustainable development patterns and policy changes that will help the city capitalize on advancements in energy conservation, density integration, connecting open spaces, and a host of related environmental influences.

By looking as far ahead as 2025, the master plan addresses resiliency issues across the board. By encouraging more open space, shoreline protection, enhanced storm water management, and multi-modal transit capacity, Stamford can look to the future with confidence.

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