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Steward Health Care System – Various Projects

Helping to provide healthcare excellence in local communities

Various Locations

Steward Health Care System, a community hospital network and community based care organization, has been rapidly growing over the last few years. With this growth, has come the need for a dedicated partner to help streamline their capital project work, operational practices, and sales and acquisitions. That’s where Stantec comes in.

Our urban development group has been diligently helping Steward Health Care System with their capital project work, including site planning, geotechnical engineering, permitting, and fiscal impact assessments. We’ve been actively working on many of Steward’s 11 sites.

On the operational side, our environmental services specialists have developed a unique compliance calendar. This comprehensive calendar — available for viewing in printed form and as an online system — maps out all of the codes and standards the hospitals must meet over a 12 month period coded by type, from environmental issues, to health and safety, to medical or emergency management needs.

Being Steward’s go to firm, we also assist them with their sales and acquisitions. We’ve helped with due diligence and site analysis during the search phase of new locations to purchase.

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