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Stonington Commons

Transforming an industrial facility into a vibrant mixed-use village

Stonington, Connecticut

Sensitivity and expertise were essential to restoring this historic waterfront mill site along Stonington Harbor in one of Connecticut’s charming and historic coastal communities. We worked closely with community members so that our design was responsive both to their desire for open views of the river and to their concerns about traffic, circulation, and parking. 

We expertly created this mixed-use community, which consists of condos, single-family homes, a restaurant, a yacht club, flexible retail and commercial space, community areas, and a marina, while opening views to the harbor and providing public access to and from the waterfront. We also designed interior roadways, sidewalks and plazas, coastal New England style streetscape amenities, a naturalized shoreline, and improved parking. 

To achieve this, we carried out detailed analyses of angles and sight lines, placing the buildings to allow water views. Our traffic experts evaluated available parking and recommended solutions that would provide ample parking and effective circulation. Monitoring after two years has proven our analyses were correct: circulation is not a problem, congestion is not an issue, and parking is available.  

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