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Sunoco Crude Oil Tank Farm, Remedial Investigations

An environmental clean location for refiners and retail operators seeking local distribution points for their products

Delaware County, Pennsylvania
  • Environmental and Permitting

Prior to 1949, a rock and gravel quarry operated on this 97-acre site. Today, 26 above-ground storage tanks cover nearly half of the property. Crude oil is stored, then conveyed by pipeline from a terminal on the Delaware River, and finally used at a Philadelphia refinery.

We developed a conceptual model, used fate and transport modeling to identify potential contaminant exposure/migration pathways, and calculated contaminant mass flux rates to demonstrate the attainment of groundwater standards. The strategies recommended for attaining the clean up goals for this site included removal, isolation, containment, and engineering controls for the soils in the area of the three test pits, and implementing a monitoring/model update program for the groundwater.

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