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Tekeze Hydropower Project

The tallest dam in Africa creates clean, renewable power


When the lack of natural resources and the cost of imported fuels in Ethiopia led to energy shortages and imposed blackouts for residents, the Ethiopian Electric Power Corp (EEPCO) needed a new solution. By tapping into the significant energy generation potential of the country’s Tekeze River, EEPCO had a solution—a way to increase power stability and provide access to light, heat, and water.

Our team reviewed designs, prepared construction drawings, packaged and evaluated bids, and managed construction for a world-class, 188-metre-high dam and hydropower project located in a remote and mountainous region of Ethiopia. Large enough to generate 300 megawatts of hydroelectric power, the facility added 40% more energy to the 683 megawatts previously generated for the entire country. 

Beyond serving as a significant renewable energy source, the project has allowed for sustained social and economic growth for Ethiopians. Local community infrastructure was greatly improved—including the construction of more than 40 kilometres of roads and the first installation of communications links from the area to the outside world. Education and training during construction generated schools, vocational facilities, and training programs for local workers.

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