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Texas A&M - Hullabaloo Hall

Students clamor for new hall

College Station, Texas

The student community at Texas A&M University could use another 5-story residential hall. But why make a space that’s only for sleeping and studying when you could take the opportunity to build a community?

The goal for Hullabaloo Hall was to create an amenity-rich place that delivered what students needed, wanted, and desired—whether that was play or academia. Joining with the 3,500-student Northside Village, the new facility holds 648 beds and acts as the village square.

So what amenities did it get? There’s a coffee shop for a quick snack, a media room for entertainment, and a convenience store for speedy shopping. With a community learning center, commons room, a giant game room, and outdoor gathering spaces, students can really get involved in the Aggie culture and community.

And for academic features, Hullabaloo Hall also has a classroom, video production studio, and music practice rooms. Truly a multi-purpose home for Texas A&M students. 

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