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Thomas Jefferson University – Alumni Hall Public Circulation & Events Space

New times, new needs

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Primarily a classrooms and research facility, the 50-year-old Jefferson Alumni Hall has long served Thomas Jefferson University as a stand-in student union. Unfortunately, the aged building, with its inadequate event spaces and lounges, was improperly outfitted to meet constituent needs.

On top of that, the interiors were dominated by an overall dark and dreary appearance, combining oak slat ceilings and brown brick floor pavers. Alumni Hall needed a significant makeover to bring it in line with its important campus role.

Our areas of improvement included a new main entrance and lobby with upgraded accessibility. We replaced escalators with stairs and elevators, removed enclosed spaces and added open spaces, and connected the interiors to the exteriors. We changed out the time-worn finishes for modern alternatives that promote natural light flow, and we expanded and improved the events spaces.

Now, the Alumni Hall is exactly what Thomas Jefferson University needed—an accessible, modern, multi-use facility that can support their community. 

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