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Toledo Waterways Initiative Phase II - Engineering

Helping to complete the last 10 years of the 15-year consent decree program

Toledo, Ohio

Stantec completed four SSES projects totaling about 213,000 LF of sanitary, storm and combined sewers. Sewers range from 8 to 66 inches. Our efforts included manhole inspections, CCTV, smoke and dye testing. Since completing the SSES reports, Stantec has developed detailed plans for the implementation of proposed improvements, including storm and sanitary sewer replacement projects from those studies. Stantec also developed the detailed design and provided construction phase services for the Ayers/Monroe Storage/Conveyance Pipeline. This project consists of over 3,000 LF of 108 inch pipe, regulator modifications and full width street reconstruction to provide 1.1 MG of inline storage.

Stantec developed plans and specifications for the tunnel optimization projects for the existing CSO storage tunnels in downtown Toledo and the new south end. Improvements include removal of accumulated debris within the system, regulator modifications the addition of mechanical screens and pump upgrades for the tunnel dewatering systems. Additional designs underway include the Dearborn Storage Pipeline consisting of 2,650 LF of 132 inch pipe, outfall relocation, static screens and new regulator structures.

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