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UPMC Susquehanna - Divine Providence Hospital Cancer Center

Healthy future ahead

Williamsport, Pennsylvania

UPMC Susquehanna had evolved from a one-site, one-hospital community resource to a four-hospital system through a merger and acquisition, and they were evaluating how to integrate their assets. What was the right way forward for a healthy future?

To help them make a good decision, our team conducted a multifaceted evaluation. We matched business goals against their space needs by showing them the size of building that would accommodate their volume projections (which they’d based on their service line market competitiveness).

We considered replicating or consolidating specific services based on community access or if the features would improve excellence or efficiency. We matched UMPC Susquehanna’s existing site and buildings against their need for more space, different spaces, or smarter spaces. We explained the time and cost impact on clinical services of phasing the renovations and additions.

Ultimately, we discovered together that UPMC Susquehanna was a neighborhood, a community, a region—not a single home! In the end, UPMC Susquehanna kept all of their campuses and developed a 10-year series of capital investments tailored to the mission for each site—integrating them through good planning. 

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