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Wisconsin Lakes Management Project

Effective aquatic management for Wisconsin’s lakes


Stantec has been providing a broad range of lake management planning and implementation services throughout the Midwest and Wisconsin for several years. Services provided include wild rice surveys, restoration plans, water level manipulation, and biological controls. Stantec’s environmental team also provides whole lake herbicide management for Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) control, including strategies that are implemented over specific timelines for the health of our lakes.

Often lakes experience a decrease in AIS during their first year of working with Stantec’s lake management team. Stantec reviews current conditions, previous efforts, and explores new management options to help the native aquatic communities thrive, generating healthier lakes for all to enjoy. Two similar case studies would be the District of Powers Lake and the Waupaca Chain of Lakes District. These two lakes have both battling invasive species Eurasian watermilfoil and curly-leaf pondweed for over a decade with little success. In Powers Lake, Stantec recommended adjustments to the herbicide application and dosing. The lake experienced a 95 percent reduction in AIS. The Waupaca Chain of Lakes also experienced similar size reductions after two years of Stantec’s lake management services. In some cases, Stantec’s recommended changes are minor overall adjustments and in other cases, they are large overhalls. Stantec takes a holistic approach to each lake to assess its needs and implement the changes in order preserve the lakes in our area and bring them to their most healthy state. 

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