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Verizon Wireless - Multiple Projects

Wireless services connect communities without being seen

New Jersey

Healthy wireless connections keep information streaming and communities connected to the globe. Still, most people don’t want a cell tower in their back yard. For three dozen projects, Verizon Wireless had to place antennas—and the communities had to like how it was done.

To Verizon, we’re the people that have the expertise and skill to coordinate with power companies, negotiate leases, and deal with easements, public rights of way, and zoning ordinances. We’re building a long-term relationship. And to overcome Verizon’s challenges, we got creative.

In Freehold, New Jersey, we placed antennas behind faux brick and masonry panels designed to match the base building’s façade. When opposition to an installation in Wall, New Jersey, was a challenge, we designed a new tower to look like a farm windmill—fitting into the country atmosphere alongside the cows and chickens. In Brick Township, New Jersey, we built on an existing municipal water tank, boosting community income and eliminating the need for a new structure.

Three dozen sites will improve wireless coverage, and the new towers will aesthetically connect with the communities—or look like they aren’t even there.

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