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Village of Stockport Wastewater Treatment Plant

Clean water and new capacity

Morgan County, Ohio

Nobody’s happy when a wastewater treatment plant overflows. But in the Village of Stockport, an aging wastewater treatment facility had begun to falter, and soon the facility faced Findings and Orders from the Ohio EPA. The Village needed to rescue or replace a wastewater treatment plant pushed past capacity – fast. And with the limited funds of a small rural community.

Stantec conducted a preliminary investigation to help Stockport understand the costs and consequences of multiple courses of action. Sensitive to the Village’s limited finances, we identified a resourceful compromise in between renovation and replacement: the creation of a new wastewater treatment plant using recycled components from the existing facility. We then made the project affordable for the Village by reaching out to the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Community Development Block Grant Program, and the Ohio Public Works Commission, securing $1,340,000 in grant funding and $500,000 in loans. Without these funds, a long-term solution was impossible; with them, the Village of Stockport saw new possibilities.

Stantec helped the Village negotiate a smart compliance schedule for the planning, design, and construction of a new 90,000 GDP “package plant.” Our cost-conscious design will incorporate multiple structures from the existing facility including the bar screen structure, outfall piping, and operations building. The final product to be completed in fall 2014 is an extended aeration-activated sludge treatment plant featuring a flow equalization chamber, parallel aeration basins, settling basins, and a fixed media clarifier.

Soon the waters around the Village’s wastewater treatment facility will be properly protected, and the Village will be prepared to manage future growth. Clean water and new capacity – now that’s something to smile about. 

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