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Volkswagen Group of America US HQ

Inter-departmental staircase encourages company pride and connectivity

Herndon, Virginia

From the iconic Beetle to the treasured Type 2, Volkswagen’s history in the automobile industry is one they’d like to share. In 2008 they asked us to design a new US headquarters that would cradle the past, drive the present, and empower the future. Our goal? Design a creative and dynamic work environment capable of catapulting the company forward.

VW’s new US command post would need to attract top-caliber talent while providing a platform to grow their brand. We worked closely with Volkswagen through the planning phase to create a design reflective of their culture. We altered the interior of the existing building dramatically, including the creation of a central interconnecting staircase between the second and sixth floors. This staircase, known as the Connector, is viewed as a representation of the VW logo and was developed to promote inter-departmental interaction.

The new Volkswagen U.S. headquarters is now a celebration of the company's iconic existence—a symbolic space to inspire a connection to the brand. Automobiles are proudly displayed throughout the facility, while wide hallways and high ceilings promote a feeling of spaciousness and sustainability.

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