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Tifton Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Upgrade

Greening Tifton wastewater treatment plant saves money, reduces energy use

Tifton, Georgia

Equipment at the 1970s era wastewater treatment plant was nearing the end of its useful life when the City of Tifton asked Stantec to plan and design upgrades. But our work went beyond simply replacing old equipment; the upgrades also focused on reducing energy use.

Multi-stage submersible pumps replaced screw pumps at the plant influent pump station. The new pumps work at varying flow rates to match the actual influent instead of providing uniform flow rates; placing the new pumps in the existing influent wet well required minimal alterations to the structure.

A new fine bubble diffused aeration system replaced old manually operated surface aerators. Now, new process monitoring probes automatically adjust high efficiency turbo blowers to meet oxygen demand. These blowers entered the U.S. market in 2007 and the Tifton wastewater treatment plant was the first in Georgia to install this integrated system in existing shallow basins. The basins required minimal alterations to fit the new aeration system.

Our solution drove down plant energy use by about 40% and resulted in a welcome payback period on investment of less than five years, earning it statewide recognition for engineering excellence. 

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