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Waterbury Roundabout

A gateway to Waterbury creates safer pedestrian passage while improving traffic flow

Waterbury, Vermont

An unsignalized intersection between a busy state road and a local village road was creating significant traffic and safety concerns for the Town of Waterbury, Vermont. Our team provided complete redesign with a roundabout, creating an intersection that was conducive to large commercial traffic, pedestrians and bicyclists.

The roundabout resulted in drivers having to slow down but not stop, relieving traffic buildup and reducing carbon emissions. The intersection does not require traffic signal equipment to operate making it resilient to events that commonly cause power outages such as snow, wind and rain storms. We also added splitter islands throughout the intersection creating shorter, safer passage for pedestrians. An ADA compliant bicycle path to the Recreation Center was also incorporated into the design along with lighting and patterned concrete, creating an aesthetic significance worthy of a gateway into town. Water friendly green infrastructure was included to prevent harmful pollutants from entering into a nearby stream.

The businesses along the roundabout were able stay open during construction due to wayfinding in the form of parking attendants, station flaggers, and signage during business and construction hours.

The end result was a project that is resilient and environmentally responsible while significantly improving safety and providing an inviting gateway deserving of this popular Vermont destination.

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