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W.H. Sammis Plant

Reducing emissions, meeting standards, and winning awards.

Stratton, Ohio

For this 2009 Maine Association of Consulting Engineering Companies Grand Conceptor Award winning project, we provided balance of plant engineering services for the installation of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. We made use of existing services like electrical power, controls, air and water, and worked amongst existing plant structural steel and foundations to support the immense ductwork and equipment needed for the SCR system.

First Energy chose SCR technology to reduce NOx emissions to meet the goals for the facility. This prompted an evaluation of existing plant physical conditions, available areas for SCR equipment installation, and plant services and systems. Construction was performed around continuous plant operations, with numerous short system outages for relocations and tie-ins to existing plant systems. Longer planned outages were scheduled, as required, to perform the final gas path tie-ins to the boiler and precipitator. Engineering and construction personnel worked closely to shorten outage durations by developing plans to install as much of the foundation, structure, and SCR systems as possible during periods of normal unit operation.

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