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Wisdom Tree

Blending business needs with workstation wants at WisdomTree

New York, New York

WisdomTree is a fund management company out of New York City and one of the industry’s largest exchange-trading fund (ETF) providers. Moving from their previous office, the firm desired a space to closely reflect their brand identity and corporate workstyle. WisdomTree approached our workplace team to develop their new headquarters, craving a calm atmosphere with plenty of natural light to balance out the technology-heavy business.

Our team created a space that welcomes all forms of collaboration. Executive offices, meeting areas, conference rooms—the space offers versatility for dynamic work habits. Purposeful art drapes the walls, leading staff and visitors from the classy new lobby to the executive board room. We designed offices with custom-tailored furnishing, and 90% glass-fronts allow natural light to reach all interior workstations. In addition to a comfortable cafeteria, staff amenities now include a lounge, podcast room, video conference suite, and various breakout areas.

Completed in 2014, the new 35,000-square-foot breakout-office satisfies WisdomTree’s business needs and workstation-wants. An engaging environment for staff and a professional atmosphere for clients will lead to green pastures for WisdomTree. 

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