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Creating experiences

Your business is to create experiences. Our business is to design spaces that will make those experiences more memorable.

Our commercial team partners with you to create vibrant and dynamic spaces for your community of shoppers, residents, employees, guests, or neighbors. We make the experience memorable for you too, by collaborating together in new ways. We focus on processes and best practices that inspire new ideas, and on quantitative and qualitative results you may have never dreamed were possible. We serve clients across the commercial spectrum: retail design and programs, shopping malls, corporate workplace, hotels and resorts, residential and mixed-use development—and throughout a project’s life cycle from strategic consulting to prototypes and branding to construction administration. With our designs, talent, and relationships, we help you create memorable experiences that soothe the spirit, foster innovation, and inspire excitement.

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351 Water St.: the first building in Newfoundland to be heated with innovative seawater technology is also revitalizing downtown St. John’s.

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<p><b>Mayor Dennis O’Keefe</b></p> <p>This is the first modern office building to go up in the west end of Water Street and it’s part of the heritage of the west end and it also revitalizes the west end.</p> <p><b>Judy Wall</b></p> <p>Our plan right from the beginning was to create a sustainable, innovative, creative building for people to work in. We’ve achieved that through the amount of natural light, the large floor plate which allows for openness.</p> <p><b>Kerry Gosse</b></p> <p>When you look at the first floors the texture of the building, all blend in with the historic downtown area and then we’ve got 360 degrees of glass all around the perimeter so there’s no bad spaces inside the building. The whole project has opened up the west end of Water Street for the community. There’s a restaurant in the building, there’s shopping back there there’s parking which was in much demand.</p> <p><b>Mayor Dennis O’Keefe</b></p> <p>It will bring more economic activity and more social activity into the downtown. The ocean and the harbour has always been the heart and soul of the city. We’ve lived by it, we’ve lived of it and on it and this building is an example on how we’re continuing to do that using modern technology.</p> <p><b>Kerry Gosse</b></p> <p>This building is the first in Newfoundland to be heated and cooled by using sea water.</p> <p><b>Judy Wall</b></p> <p>We’re using new technology in terms of multi-stack chillers and control systems that allow vastly reduced energy costs.</p> <p><b>Mayor Dennis O’Keefe</b></p> <p>This is the beginning of the revitalization of the west end of Water Street.</p> <p><b>Kerry Gosse</b></p> <p>It’s made a statement, it’s recognizable and it has become a landmark.</p>

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