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Our goal is to achieve the balance between function and aesthetics that creates not only successful development but engaged communities...

We know that successful mixed-use developments, both urban and suburban, are created through careful planning and balance. The key is to mix the different uses so they function together and create a vibrancy that draws people in. We seek to create the right blend of residential, commercial, retail, and industrial uses—all in the right location and in the right market. A restaurant has different design needs than a retail store or a residence; we make the individual designs work and then make it all flow together. We also understand it’s not just about creating places. It’s about improving land-use efficiencies, reducing costs, and lowering our carbon footprint. For example, reducing the distance between homes and workplaces encourages walkable or bike-able neighborhoods. Designing connections between project components encourages and invites pedestrians into the space and links new development to recreational opportunities or mass transit, which encourages urban growth and community development. We bring all the pieces together to create strong neighborhood character and a sense of place for residents, workers, and visitors.

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