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Urban Places Group

By tapping the rising demand for urban living, we create plans that add economic, environmental, and social value for every resident...

Stantec’s Urban Places Group helps clients realize the full range of benefits that flow from fully urban, walkable downtowns, neighborhoods, and suburban centers. Driven by data and grounded in the marketplace, our plans inspire people. They generate excitement. They respond to stakeholder concerns. And they’re helping dozens of communities across North America chart a path to greater livability, equity, and sustainability. The results of our plans and designs are significant and measurable. When transit-oriented development lifts real estate values, a community gains new jobs and new revenue that can underwrite more affordable housing. When roads designed as complete streets invite people to leave the car at home and walk, bike or use transit, then public health gets a boost and our carbon footprint shrinks. When imaginative design turns a brownfield into a leafy riverside park, or a seawall into an elegant esplanade, quality of life rises and environmental threats become easier to manage. Our urban design team creates places, networks and infrastructure that connect people to place, to prosperity, and to each other.

  • 40
  • $20B
    of north american development

Our Ideas

Stantec Urban Places experts actively share ideas on recent innovations, industry research, best practices, and other topics related to urban design. Looking for more?

BLOG: Climate change, communities, and storytelling

Planner Nels Nelson explains how an age-old art can help communities find common ground for action...MORE

WEBINAR: Radical Incrementalism

Planner Simon O’Byrne shares insights into how the surprising power of planning small can build a better urban center. Earn AICP Continuing Maintenance credits here...MORE


Larissa leads her teams to provide an integrated approach rather than a focus on isolated interventions, facilitating resiliency frameworks that incorporate response, recovery, and adaptive change...MORE

PODCAST: Creating Smarter Cities

Urban designer Simon O’Byrne hosts a panel discussion on how cities are laying the groundwork for technologies that will change the way we live...MORE

WEBINAR: What is 21st-Century Urbanism?

David Dixon explains how cities and suburbs are using planning and urban design to address contemporary issues. Earn AICP Continuing Maintenance credits here...MORE



In our monthly Twitterverse Roundup, we compile the best online content related to urban policy, research, design, and analysis...MORE

BLOG: Public Realm for 21st-Century Cities

Planner Stephen Willis explores the history and current state of open space planning...MORE

CONFERENCE ALERT: David Dixon to speak on community health and urban design

See David at the Active City Conference, January 25-27, 2017, in Tampa, Florida...MORE

Our Work

From outdated brownfield and grayfield sites to award-winning new neighborhoods, villages, and city centers, we bring to life remarkable, vibrant places that connect the entire community. Our portfolio includes:

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