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Urban Places Group

By tapping the rising demand for urban living, we create plans that add economic, environmental, and social value for every resident...

Stantec’s Urban Places Group helps clients realize the full range of benefits that flow from fully urban, walkable downtowns, neighborhoods, and suburban centers. Driven by data and grounded in the marketplace, our plans inspire people. They generate excitement. They respond to stakeholder concerns. And they’re helping dozens of communities across North America chart a path to greater livability, equity, and sustainability. The results of our plans and designs are significant and measurable. When transit-oriented development lifts real estate values, a community gains new jobs and new revenue that can underwrite more affordable housing. When roads designed as complete streets invite people to leave the car at home and walk, bike or use transit, then public health gets a boost and our carbon footprint shrinks. When imaginative design turns a brownfield into a leafy riverside park, or a seawall into an elegant esplanade, quality of life rises and environmental threats become easier to manage. Our urban design team creates places, networks and infrastructure that connect people to place, to prosperity, and to each other.

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Our bi-weekly blog offers perspectives on topics related to urban design

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Stantec’s Urban Places Group comprises a network of planners, designers, and thought leaders from across North America 


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Interconnected to the core

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<p>Messy vibrancy is at the heart of any plan that involves people, because a great plan is about connections. And connections are fluid, they are unpredictable, and messy.</p> <p>The economy is at the center of any great planning exercise. We want to make sure that we are allowing the economy to flourish because the economy is going to give us the means to continuously rebuild the city in a more progressive, more interesting way.</p> <p>We need the public space to give us great outdoor living rooms. If you don’t have great outdoor living rooms, there’s no place to hang out, there’s no people watching opportunities.</p> <p>Transportation is the big connector. It attaches everything together.&nbsp; We need to provide the means and the modes by which these people are going to connect to their work, to where they’re going to play, to where they’re going to just experience life.</p> <p>Great cities are not just about movement. They’re about being walkable, they’re about providing connectivity. So we need to create much more walkable, pedestrian centric cities.</p> <p>As we think about heritage, that is something that gives us a strong sense of place, a strong identity. The cities that have success in their core are cities that have preserved their heritage.</p> <p>And why this matters is because it’s all woven into the soul of the place, the spice of the place is its culture. We want visual stimulation, we want to have animation happening.</p> <p>This connects to sustainability. That means thinking about how do we reduce, relentlessly, the ecological footprint of the city.</p> <p>All of these seven components, they create one big major idea here. It’s that: as goes the city center, so goes Saskatoon. You cannot have a great city without having a great city center. Because the city center, the downtown, the core: That is the brand of a city.</p>


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