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Archaeology & Paleontology

Looking for connections beneath our feet. A sturdy log house was built in 1933. Today it’s just a frame...

Tree-ring analysis (dendrochronology) can be interpreted alongside historical documents with surprising accuracy. Suddenly it’s not abandoned anymore, but a home with a history that can be recorded and preserved. Heritage resources include precontact, historic, and palaeontological sites, which are protected under provincial/state, territorial, and federal legislation. During one archaeological assessment we looked at over 5,000 artifacts and two structures from 2,500 to 3,000 years ago. We practice respectful collection and interpretation of information and share past and present cultural diversity with future generations. Studying the predecessors of today’s animals is equally as informative. A toothed whale (odontecetes) might be from the early Miocene Epoch, but we can easily imagine what it looked like. Without paleontology though, we could never envision a Tyrannosaurus Rex. In reality, we wouldn’t even know he existed. Bone, half a metre in length, can lie buried underneath your feet for thousands of years, without notice. Stantec is working with developers to ensure that we can build new and preserve old.

  • 5000
    Artifacts in One Dig
  • 3000
    Year Old Structure
  • 25
    Million Year Old Fossil

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