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Atmospheric Environment

Creating sustainable solutions for clients looking to balance development with regulations, nature, and communities...

Rooted in reality, educated in natural sciences, and experts in the latest regulatory and permitting compliance, our professional engineers, scientists, and analysts go beyond the common approach to develop ideal results for clients. Stantec’s Atmospheric Environment Group has considerable experience in: air quality; acoustics, noise, and vibration; climate change and greenhouse gasses, climate change, and odour; and lighting. As part of our larger Environmental Services sector, we can also tap into the deep knowledge and experience of our 15,000 colleagues in 250 locations worldwide. Our team offers services that cover the complete project cycle—concept, design, commissioning, operation, and decommissioning. We can help plan, design, test, permit, or audit nearly any type of operation on any scale. And, we work closely with our clients, walking together through every step of the process and tailoring solutions to fit their needs. As you develop your plans for growth and advancement, we’ll work with you to naturally merge strategies for environmental risk management into your game plan.

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Environmental challenges from industrialization often involve critical decision-making to manage potential effects to the atmospheric environment. Understanding how a project affects the atmosphere empowers our clients to make informed decisions on project design and mitigation strategies that reduce costs, liabilities, and environmental effects.

Air Quality

Heightened public awareness and the demands of increasingly complex regulatory requirements have placed air quality compliance issues at the forefront of many businesses’ environmental concerns. Our ability to offer a full spectrum of air quality services means that you’ll be able to resolve your air quality issues more efficiently and in a more consistent manner.

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

As a leader in the consulting industry, we believe that having a solid climate change and GHG management policy and strategy is the best way to prepare our clients to thrive in a carbon-constrained world. As governments pass regulations and social pressure builds carbon-regulated systems and aggressive plans to reduce GHG emissions create a host of new risks and opportunities that you will need to manage effectively. Our team can provide you with the environmental, financial, and managerial know-how to make your climate change strategies and management tactics a success.

Acoustics and Vibration

With the escalation of public concern over the effects of environmental noise, occupational noise exposure, and vibrational effects on residences, acoustic and vibration analysis has become a standard component of environmental impact assessments, permitting for developments, and facility design/optimization projects. Stantec has acoustic and vibration specialists in monitoring, computer modelling, and mitigation design. Because we keep abreast of new or anticipated environmental regulations, we are able to provide professional guidance on how these regulations might affect your proposed projects or existing operations.


Changes in the federal and provincial governments’ assessment processes to reflect public concerns about a project’s lighting effects has caused lighting design to become an important public and regulatory issue for any company to consider. The assessment of the impacts of project lighting on the public and on the natural environment is now required in the terms of reference for major projects. Stantec is a pioneer in the assessment of project lighting. Our solutions are based in energy efficient and performance-improved elements. We advocate designs that can save your projects money in the long run while significantly lessening the environmental footprint.

Climate and Meteorology

Weather and its effects play a crucial role in our lives and can have a significant impact on business operations and infrastructure. We can help you with all aspects of meteorology from siting and installation of a weather station, to snow survey deployment, data management, validation and reporting. Our expert team of meteorological scientists uses next-generation software tools to forecast regional climate and meteorological trends.


Increased urban densification exerts pressures on municipal planners and engineers to develop cost-effective, innovative, and environmentally progressive solid and liquid waste management plans. Odour issues have become more prevalent and require thorough analysis to assess and develop mitigation measures that comply with regulations and meet stakeholder needs. The experienced staff at Stantec will provide meaningful assessments with solutions and recommendations that address all key environmental concerns.

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