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Concept Design

The concept design phase resolves the issue of ‘what’ and ‘how much’ and begins to set the stage for understanding the ‘how’ of a project...

Facilities which support science research, teaching, testing, and specialty manufacturing processes, must be planned with a high level of programmatic synergy and systems integration. Developing the right approach requires the study of multiple scenarios of program and building organization to arrive at the right solution. The concept design phase resolves these issue of ‘what’ and ‘how much’ and begins to set the stage for understanding ‘how’ of the project. During this phase, Stantec completes iterative studies of form and bulk, scale and mass, programmatic layouts, and the generic appearance of the building project within its surrounding context, be it a new building, an addition, a renovation, or a combination of these building solutions. Concept design studies allow client stakeholders to review and discuss the benefits and challenges with varying program and building arrangements and styles. Concept design reviews with the client feed back into ongoing iterations, allowing solutions to project goals reach a balance and refinement which best suits the project.

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