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Environmental Risk Assessment & Toxicology

Developing site-specific criteria for the assessment and management of potential health concerns. As toxicologists and environmental professionals we assess human and ecological risk for historical, current, or planned activities...

Covering everything from screening level to comprehensive risk assessments, we help you develop site-specific criteria for the management of potential health concerns. When chemical concentrations exceed standards set by provincial/state/federal authorities, decisions have to be made. The presence of a chemical in excess of a guideline doesn’t mean that adverse effects to health will occur, but does suggest further evaluation. At sites where cleanup to generic criteria levels would be costly, we provide the technical resources to develop site-specific criteria instead. By reassessing the assumptions used in the generic criteria or generating site-specific toxicological data we can create custom clean-up levels. For sites with ecological risk we use in-house terrestrial toxicology laboratories to seamlessly incorporate bioassessibility and terrestrial toxicity testing. The underlying health risk assessment principles for planned projects are very similar to contaminated sites and look at exposure to contaminants in soil, sediment, water, air, and food.

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