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Geographic Information Systems & Information Management

Designing systems that collect and manage data, informing your business decisions. Centralizing, standardizing, and automating. Stantec’s Information Management (IM) Team is like a conveyor belt...

Whether through a Web portal or a geographic information system (GIS), we take data from multiple sources, work on it in layers, and create something unique to your requirements. With surprising speed, the numbers turn into maps that can represent key water crossings or setbacks, place species habitat concerns, and show property lines. Bringing all possible constraints to one place gets a discussion going. And because it’s virtual, we can change parameters to find the right project layout. 3-D models will help you experience the site, before and after. We design secure Web portals or custom databases to collect, manage, and help you use information to make business decisions. Today, you need effective IM solutions to meet government guidelines. A needs assessment captures the vision of how technology can support your core objectives without reinventing process or spending a lot of money. So whether it’s tracking public consultation comments, monitoring compliance, or designing an interactive map for land parcels, our conveyor belt will smooth out the production process.

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