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Geohazard Engineering

Geohazards are present in every community. We identify risks and provide solutions before hazards become liabilities...

How safe is the ground beneath your feet? Geohazards are geological conditions that may lead to localized or widespread damage to property and threaten personal safety. From immediate hazards to longer-term risks, our geotechnical specialists assess risk factors and manage threats from landslides, earthquakes and seismicity, rock falls, slope instability, shallow gas accumulation, sink holes, ground subsidence and erosive forces. We work with clients to protect infrastructure such as roadways, homes, sewers and pipelines, as well as natural environments such as wetlands, valley systems and beaches. We use detailed field reconnaissance, intrusive site investigation and instrumentation together with geophysical and remote sensing techniques to identify hazards. We assess these risks using local experience and sophisticated modeling, partnered with our team focus on effective listening and open communication.

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