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Geotechnical Forensic Engineering

When things don’t go as planned, we can help. The ground below us is a complex system of soil, rock, water, and air...

Even with sound engineering design and construction practice, changing ground conditions can negatively impact a project. Buildings settle or heave, basements leak, slopes fail, buried pipes break or collapse, walls crack, and sink holes appear. That’s where we come in. Our geotechnical team analyzes distresses and failures related, in whole or in part, to ground conditions. We carefully examine technical aspects of the project, the location and surrounding infrastructure. We’ll explore the history of the project, engineering design, construction methodologies and procedures, and operation and maintenance practices. Understanding the rules that direct design and construction and the contractual responsibilities among involved parties is a critical part of our work. Based on our analyses, we can determine causes of problems and define and assign appropriate level of legal responsibility. We regularly consult with experts and regulatory authorities, review contract documents and specifications, consult with and advise counsel in advance of legal proceedings, and provide expert witness and testimony in court.

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