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Geotechnical Structure Engineering

Helping clients design safe and functional structures. A structure is only as good as its foundation. A stable structure, therefore, requires a thorough understanding of the physical environment and its unique site characteristics...

We have extensive experience designing shallow and deep foundations for civil engineering structures. Whether our clients require lateral load analyses, retaining wall design, pile load testing, structural fill design, machine foundation analysis and design, mine tailings, or design/construction of instrumentation—we’re ready. Our engineers and technical staff are experienced with complex geologic and hydrogeologic sites across North America. With a broad background in numerical modeling, we quantify complex physical realities to understand risk and uncertainty. We regularly perform ultimate limit states, serviceability limit states, and load resistance factor design analyses, providing clients with confidence that their structures will meet design load and handle site conditions. We’re experienced with geotechnical software packages, including seismic effects and soil-structure interactions. Our capabilities extend to saturated/unsaturated water flow, including coupled seepage and slope stability analyses.

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