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Industrial Safety

The bottom lineā€”our engineered solutions are designed to protect worker health and safety...

Our industrial safety specialists help manage risks to protect the well-being of employees, minimize lost-time costs, reduce corporate and personal liability, and increase productivity. Our team collaborates with you and your vendors early in the design phase to ensure safety requirements are satisfied without impacting production or maintenance activities. Our workshops and training sessions, which address critical issues such as risk assessment, pre-start health and safety reviews, and current legislation, help all project stakeholders become aware of the desired end results and what it takes to get there. Stantec includes industrial safety specialists; electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers; and certified industrial hygienists. As subject matter experts, our staff are active on technical committees of key CSA machine-safeguarding standards and experienced with safety control systems and safety PLC programming and review. They perform risk assessments, HAZOPs, arc flash studies, lock-out, process ventilation and fire prevention, code-compliance audits, and safety upgrades to help you comply with regulations.

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