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Integrated Design

Our successful integrated design achieves healthful, supportive, efficient environments for clients and users alike...

When mechanical engineers work with architects right from the start to incorporate mechanical systems into the design of highly complex research and science buildings, that’s integrated design. This approach to science and technology design benefits everyone, from our clients, to the community of users, to every one of us who has or will ever need a cutting-edge medical treatment or cure. That’s a tall order, but it is indeed at the very heart of our integrated design services, particularly for facilities in which highly controlled heating and ventilation, flexibility, and energy efficiency are critical. Integrating complex mechanical systems with architectural elements in the initial building design not only saves energy, costs and space, but also creates a more organized, better functioning system so that critical research and information is not lost, even in emergencies. Building strong partnerships is as important as building state-of-the-art mechanical systems. The trust and collaboration that those relationships require are what help us address the challenges of our work in these unique buildings.

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