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Master Planning

We provide comprehensive master planning services to laboratory clients worldwide. Having a master plan for a science and technology project is like mapping out a cross-country auto trip...

You get to see a variety of routes before you have to commit to any one in particular, and you might even find roadways that you didn’t know existed, opening up new opportunities and enhancing your trip. When clients recognize the need for new, expanded or upgraded facilities involving either renovations or new construction, but need help envisioning exactly how to proceed, we listen very carefully and develop a master plan to assist in realizing goals. Depending on what we learn from you, as well as from your users, we develop a customized master plan. Additionally, with our technical expertise in master planning and a thorough understanding of relevant codes, regulations, engineering, and environmentally responsible requirements, we can help you to envision a wide range of possibilities. Understanding is crucial to a successful master plan. We know that deciding which alternate is best often involves more than costs and schedules. To assist you in this regard, we develop a decision making matrix that identifies the project attributes that best describe a successful project.

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