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Shafts & Hoisting Systems

From the highest headframes to the deepest mine shafts, we’re experts on bringing what’s precious out of the ground...

We find ways to transport materials from under the ground to the surface, and beyond, all the while making sure safety and constructability are instilled into each aspect of our design. We've traveled the globe, acquiring knowledge and experience with deep shafts, materials handling systems, hoisting plants and headframes, and associated infrastructure for mine shafts and hoisting plants of all sizes and varieties. Need help with a shaft design? We have experience in shaft configuration, ground consolidation method, sinking method, and collar excavation. Need some insight on your hoisting challenges? We've designed systems using everything from double drum production hoists, single drum service hoists, friction hoists, and Blair hoists, to winches for work stages during shaft sinking. Or maybe you’d like us to design it all – we’ll work with you to tailor designs to meet your mine needs, from the ground to the top of your headframe and everything in-between.

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