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Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is doing more with less and enhancing long-term vitality. It’s preparing for the future with both the head and the heart

Sustainability answers the challenges of the 21st century – changing climate, expanding population, and imperiled natural systems and resources – with wise and farsighted responses. We know taking a sustainable approach isn’t just smart practice; it’s essential. We want our clients and communities prepared for the long term and enabled to make smart choices. We work with our clients to create a roadmap to sustainable prosperity, identifying and capturing opportunities that allow them to realize social, environmental, and economic improvements. Our commitment to sustainability extends from project concept through to completion. With a focus on sustainable infrastructure, resilient communities, integrated asset management, and high performance buildings, we use an integrated approach that draws from our wide range of expertise and leading edge approaches such as Envision, LEED, and PIEVC. What is sustainability? For us, it’s a commitment to design with the future in mind.

  • 710
    LEED APs
  • 10
    Net Zero Projects
  • 375
    LEED Certified Projects
  • 210+
    Envision Professionals
  • 4
    Envision Certified Projects

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