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Utilization Studies

Through our client-specific utilization studies we help our clients optimize the space they have or plan wisely for future needs...

Our utilization studies, which analyze and optimize the use of space, influence programming and building design – whether for healthcare, research labs, universities, or biopharmaceuticals facilities – and benefit not only our clients and the whole range of users, but also all of us in the larger community. Fewer people sitting in waiting rooms or shorter wait times for a procedure; appropriate equipment at a researcher’s fingertips, along with space for team collaboration and flexibility to respond to rapid changes in research or technology; just the right amount of classroom space for a particular style or type of learning, supporting the needs of students and teachers – all within the institutional budgets of our clients. This is not a fantasy but the reality that results from our work. Often providing creative solutions to problems that seem insurmountable, we assist our client in allocating scarce funds to the appropriate investments. More effective use of space and increased efficiencies not only give our clients a better position in the market place but also better outcomes: for example, improving undergraduate education or upgrading the delivery of health care.

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