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Venue Logistics Planning

Our goal? Making journeys to the game as stress-free as possible. And when the fun is over, we help make sure the game-day experience stays with your customers as they leave the venue.

The lasting impression of attending a game, a concert, or a major sports event is often the trip home rather than the event itself. The goal of every event organizer or stadium operator is to create repeat business—to have the impact of the event continue afterwards and ensure that the experience is one that the customer wants to repeat. Transportation can either enhance that experience or detract from it. Our goal is to help stadium operators and event organizers ensure that the experience of arriving or leaving an event is so well planned and considered that attendees don’t notice it at all. That’s the measure of success. From initial facility planning and development through planning of event-based operations, we offer expertise in stadium development and construction; parking, traffic, and surrounds; evacuation and safety modeling and planning; and pedestrian movements and transit integration. With transit, transportation, cycling, and walking experience, our team will review or plan for various modes through an integrated operations plan that responds to local conditions, VIP requirements, wayfinding needs, accessible considerations, safety, and evacuation needs. Then customers get what they need—the right experience.

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