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Stantec in the Community Day 2016: Clayton Dunford’s story

Artist Clayton was the perfect person to paint the children’s playroom mural at the YWCA Sherriff King Home, a place close to his heart

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<p>Text slide: “On Stantec in the Community Day 2016, thousands of employees volunteered in their communities. This is Clayton Dunford’s story.”</p> <p>Clayton Dunford: “Today we are at YWCA Sherriff King Home and it is a facility for women and children to escape abusive situations and today what we are doing is creating an awesome mural for the children’s playroom.”&nbsp;</p> <p>“I know people personally who have come here so when I was asked to be captain for this event, I jumped all over it.”</p> <p>“A lot of the women and children who come here either can’t leave due to security reasons or have never seen a prairie or a mountain or something so it was really important for us to bring the outside in. Calgary has such a great community and that are so many different areas to it so to bring it inside in such a bright fashion was really important to them and especially for kids who just need a bright and cheery place to be.”</p> <p>“The space itself is in a basement there is no windows so the lighting is poor so they wanted to bring nice vibrant colours into the space.”</p> <p>“It’s going to go to prairie, then up to the foothills here, then to the mountains and then it is going to transition to a brick wall that the kids actually get to paint on.”</p> <p>“I work in planning landscape architecture so it was kind of a natural fit that we bring the outside in.”</p> <p>“I don’t know what our society would be like if we didn’t have places like this and for them to ask Stantec, myself, and this group to come in and just add some cheer, for kids, mothers, anyone who uses this facility, that is who this is about.”</p> <p>“The team that I brought with me today are a great group of people and I work with most of them which is awesome and a lot of them that I don’t work with I know through different painting classes that I have had that I have taught at Stantec over lunch hour. These people are very passionate about what they do and they came here and we are having a lot of fun.”</p> <p>“Everybody who came out today, everyone who is out in the community today wearing these bright yellow shirts has stepped up.”</p> <p>“There is nothing better than providing safe happy environments for anybody and I would do this again in a heartbeat.”&nbsp;</p>

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