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Inside and outside on Community Day 2016

On Community Day 2016, 30 employees from Stantec’s Laurel, MD office grabbed scissors, rakes, garbage bags, and glue in support of Compass, Inc.

Transcript of the video follows
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<p>on screen</p> <p>what does community day mean to you?</p> <p>giving, fulfilling, collaboration, joy, harmony</p> <p>I don't... I can't do anything</p> <p>dreamwork, compassion, just... community, sweaty, helpful, improvising, inclusiveness, helping, giving back, selflessness, community, helping, warm fuzzies, unity, harmonious, our presence, opportunities</p> <p>just one word, what does community day mean to you? one word, just throw it out there...</p> <p>I can't... you can't do that to me...</p> <p>teamwork</p> <p>it looks good, man, you look good</p> <p>I'm stressed out</p> <p>nah, you look good</p> <p>unity</p>

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