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Stantec in the Community Day: Chasity Simon’s story

Chasity has a rescue Pitbull mix named Lexi who has inspired her to give back to local animal shelters throughout the year

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<p>Caption: “On Stantec in the Community Day 2016, thousands of employees volunteered in their communities.” “This is Chasity Simon’s story.”</p> <p>Chasity Simon: “I’m volunteering at Cochrane Humane Society for Community Day.”</p> <p>“I chose the Cochrane Humane Society because of my passion for animals, specifically for dogs. I wanted to be team captain because I figure that it aligns well with what I do outside of work.”</p> <p>“I have been volunteering with animals for just over five years but specifically I have been sitting on the board for Underdogs rescue for just over two. They are a bully breed rescue and we bring in mostly pitbulls but we also bring in other dogs, as well.”</p> <p>“This is Lexi. The only thing we know about her is that she was just found running around in Brooks. They finally caught her and took her to the shelter.”</p> <p>“I am not really sure why people are so scared of them, but as you can see she’s not very dangerous, she’s very goofy.”</p> <p>“She has taught me that she is just like any other dog and she came from a rough past but she now has a very loving home. So once we adopted her and she fit into our home so perfect we wanted to help other dogs like her.”</p> <p>“Today, I have really enjoyed walking the dogs and they don’t get to go out a lot of the time ad so it’s nice that we are able to take them out. They have 17 dogs here right now and all of them will get to have two or three walks todays which is great.”</p>

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