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Stantec in the Community Day 2016: Erin Bradley’s story

To Erin, making a difference means making a personal connection. This is her third year with Chrysalis and she has made an amazing friend

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<p>Text Slide: “On Stantec in the Community 2016, thousands of employees volunteered in their communities. This is Erin Bradley’s story.”</p> <p>Erin: “Ladies first”</p> <p>Erin: “Hi, my name is Erin”</p> <p>Shelly: “Hi my name is Shelly Johnson”</p> <p>Erin: “Do you think we can work together today again?”</p> <p>Shelly: “I would love to work with you today again!”</p> <p>Both: “Partners!”</p> <p>Erin: “I think this is an opportunity to actually disconnect some of the day-to-day work we do and get focused on something that’s bigger than our jobs, our careers, our projects and I feel you get the most out of the day if you immerse yourself in the experience.”</p> <p>Erin: “Chrysalis reaches a segment of the society that need to have some stimulation and get involved in our community. I think that probably one of the most important things that Chrysalis does is get people out into the work force. They get a start here getting some of the skills that they need to be out working and then they partner with other industries to get people out working and being a real part of the community.”</p> <p>Erin: “I think making a personal connection, learning something about someone that you didn’t know before, learning about what other members of our community do either for their job or as a volunteer opportunity I think it’s enriching.”</p> <p>Erin: “Having done this two years in a row, I just know it’s going to be a good time and a great way to spend the day today.”</p> <p>Erin: “I managed to connect with Shelly that first year I was here so I was partnered with her making fruit cakes and we just had so much fun together. Shelly is an exuberant personality. She’s just an easy person to spend the day with and so when I saw her again the next year, we decided to work together for the day again. We sang songs and told jokes, she’s just a happy person.”</p> <p>Erin: “We started the day by making apple crisps so we did some measuring and mixing and we got to smell that bake as we moved on to our next activity which was a tour. After that we came in to the art room and made some art together that will be together put together into one big piece and then we got to eat that crisp which was the capper to the day.”</p> <p>Erin: “You have lots of great days here and I only get to come once a year.”</p> <p>Shelly: “Oh, you poor sweet thing!”</p> <p>Erin: “This is their world and they get to share with us some of the great things that they get to do here.”</p> <p>Erin: “This day helps me fulfill something that I would like to be able to do more regularly and gives me ideas about how I can get connected in other aspects of the community so I appreciate the opportunity to spend the day this way.”</p> <p>Shelly Sings * <i>I saved you a seat, for you my Erin! Because you’re my special lady and I like you with all my heart</i> *</p>

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